Superman Vs. Shazam!

Captain Marvel vs Superman: Who is more powerful? Who would win in a fight?
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Feb 24, - Shazam, the hero who used to be known as Captain Marvel, is about to make his full length motion picture debut and viewers will get to marvel. Apr 5, - With Shazam! Both Superman and Shazam have a similar lineup of powers. They're both incredibly strong, invulnerable and have the ability to fly at great speeds. And where Superman has heat vision, cold breath and other useful powers, Shazam can call down lightning and even bestow part of his power to other heroes.

Superman is. Cavill, meanwhile, insists that he is still Superman.

Shazam VS Superman

With only a Wonder Woman sequel on the slate, in classic superhero fashion, the DCEU once again has to rely on the underdogs to pull it ashore. And Warner Bros, for the first time, is employing a smart tactic to make this happen. So gone are the multiple Joker movies that were supposed to star Jared Leto, who has been sidelined in favour of the universally acclaimed Margot Robbie.

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And why must Wonder Woman remain in the past? And in that regard, the series seems to be heading along just fine. Shazam is getting good reviews and is expected to be another box office win for the studio.

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But unfortunately, the newfound success of the DCEU is also a sign that serviceable mediocrity will always be favoured over pure ambition. Luthor plants a device in a tunnel and has a planted conversation with Mercy Graves that they know Superman will hear. Billy Batson is at the event, transforms into Captain Marvel, and tries to calm Superman down, saying they should just send someone to check the device.

Superman instead decides to go after the device, and Marvel follows him. He melts down the device.

Because his true form is a young boy, Captain Marvel represents the innocence and goodness of a young kid, coupled with the nobility of a superhero. Yes, Superman was set up, and as the series progresses, all the things he was concerned about turn out to be true and valid.

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In hating Luthor, he became more of a liability to the very people he was supposed to protect. Want more stories like this?

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