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Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Goodreads Author. The central character is a young horse-enthusiast, Meagan, who struggles to survive mankind's past using her empathy, perseverance--and her modern knowledge of horsemanship. Get A Copy. Hardcover , pages.

Published October by Micron Press first published More Details Original Title. The Legend of the Great Horse 1. Other Editions 6. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Eclipsed By Shadow , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Shelves: fantasy , historical-fiction , to-own , young-reader. This is a historical fiction of horses as seen through the eyes of a 15 year old girl named Meagan Roberts. Meagan spends the first half of the book confused and the other on horse back just trying to stay alive. Though the begging og the book is a little dry and slow, once her horse Promise comes home the story picks up and then is hard to put down.

Not a great lover of horses myself didn't stop me from thoroughly enjoying this book and recommending this book to everyone over the age of I can This is a historical fiction of horses as seen through the eyes of a 15 year old girl named Meagan Roberts. I can't wait for the next installment which is due to hit shelves in the Summer of I won an early reviewer's copy from Library Thing.

There are elements of this book that I really like and others that I believe make this a very flawed attempt. Firstly, the story is written in two distinct parts. The transition between the parts is not smooth so that they read as separate stories rather than one continuous tale. We must want I won an early reviewer's copy from Library Thing.

Secondly, the author is a lover of horses and clearly wishes to share his knowledge of history with his readership. The problem with this motivation for writing a story is that often and it is the case here the historical facts disrupt the story and have no importance to or seamless weaving into the plot.

Because of that, the history becomes preachy and especially for young adult readers, the reader often loses interest. I wonder at the author's choice of a female hero. While I understand that perhaps he wanted to promote some women's lib here, his choice of companion characters--mostly men who one way or another fall in "love" with her--really illustrate the opposite. I do like the information about horses that is given. I find the descriptions within the "horse museum" to be fascinating and a lost opportunity to forward the plot.

The characters have potential to be interesting but need further development. The best segment of the story is the last where the hero is sent to the Dark Ages. Much time is spent developing these characters and the story is interesting. However, what is portrayed in this section will appeal to an older reader not a teenager.

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The ending is a disaster! It ends mid-story with the pathetic explanation that the "saga" will continue in book 2. All good book series contain distinct stories within each installment. It is just poor story-telling. What author John Royce needs is a good editor. Micron Press should know better. With a good editor this story can be made into a really good piece. As is, I cannot see it picking up any following.

Certainly not for a series of installments. A real missed opportunity. The author, John Royce, has beautifully written a wonderful epic that combines fantasy with history, a mix between Harry Potter, the Lord of the Rings and the Time Machine. He uses his great knowledge of the history of horses to give us the first adventure of the Legend of the Great Horse.

The dialogue and descriptions are cleverly written to entertain and educate both young adults and adults. The main character is a teenager named Meagan, and she is a horse lover. Being an animal lover myself, I was instantly connected to her. Due to financial reasons, the Foal is sent to live on a pasture until she is old enough to be ridden. During this time, Meagan meets the mysterious Mrs. Bridgestone tells Meagan about the legend of the great horse and that she believes Promise is the great horse.

Bridgestone wants the horse for her own. Three years passes by and Meagan rides Promise for the first time. Magical, long white wings stretch out of Promise, flying Meagan back in time where she meets cavemen, Romans, monks, knights and other life-threatening dangers. Eclipsed By Shadow is a fast, action-packed adventure from start to the heart pounding cliffhanger. The author did a marvelous job blending history and fantasy together in this first book of the trilogy. Fans of horse books and fantasy adventures will enjoy reading this.

I received this book as one of the good reads giveaways, and I enjoyed reading it. There is a lot of promise in the story and because of it I hate to say much bad about it, but it almost seems as if it's a rough draft, waiting to be edited. The facts about horses and the way the author describes them is beautiful. It shines through the author's writing that he loves horses.

The historical facts were also wonderful. The writing in the first part of the story, before Meagan starts her journey is al I received this book as one of the good reads giveaways, and I enjoyed reading it. The writing in the first part of the story, before Meagan starts her journey is almost a completely different story. The writing is satisfactory. Once the journey begins, the author finds his element and it is a completely different story.

The details pour off the pages and it becomes a difficult book to put down. The characters do not seem fully developed. The reader finally gets to learn a bit more of the main character and her motivations in the end, but until that point it's difficult to decipher. The beginning of the story, going through so many years, changes the character and by the time she makes it to the adventure, it's difficult to tell what she is truly like.

I would have liked to have seen more in the adventure and less in the beginning. The beginning attempts to explain what is going on, but I do not think it was even done so sufficiently. The ending of the book was the most disappointing. It might have ended adaquately if the character returned back home, but it was not an actual ending to a story. I found this book captivating and so many details interesting, but I was hoping for more. I know this story could be much better. I did think it was worth the read, I was just hoping for a bit more from it.

I won this book through one of the GoodReads giveaways.

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This young adult book combined two of my favorite things, horses and history! As the first in a trilogy, I was hoping that it would entice me to read the other two. As a young adult novel, I was hoping that it had something different to bring to the genre. It succeeded in both ways. After a slow start, the book became more and more difficult to put down. There is a great deal of action, a little romance, some strong female traits which I love in a YA book , and best of all, some awesome horses. The author follows the Legend of the Great Horse throughout time, and the heroine spends time with Romans and Mongols as well as a few less civilized groups.

The language will not challenge advanced readers, but will not disappoint either. This book would be a great choice for introducing the genre of historical fiction to a new reader. This is a must read book, I am 50 years old and it held my interest all the way to the end. You don't have to be a youth to enjoy this book.

As I was reading Eclipsed By Shadow, I flet as though I was there, the wording is so descriptive, that I could visulize the characters, like I was right in the book seeing the story live. I found that there was quite a bit of history with the different times, things I did not know, with and without horses.

I am looking forward so much to the sequel, as the This is a must read book, I am 50 years old and it held my interest all the way to the end. I am looking forward so much to the sequel, as the first book leaves you wondering, I believe the second book will pick up from the 1st book, and more adventures and learning awaits the reader.

I learned a lot from this book, both about history and horses. I couldn't put it down, and I can't wait to read the sequel. It's a fascinating and realistically written story, and it's definitely one to read over and over again. This book is a history packed gem. The detail in both the history and equine aspects are right on. Although I would like to apologize to the author John Royce first. Horse-crazy teenager Meagan Roberts is the proud owner of an amazingly rare Palomino Thoroughbred filly girl horse named "Promise". As Meagan dreams of the future and waits for Promise to grow enough to start training, many strange people start showing up and trying to buy the unusual filly from the Roberts family.

The prices they offer are both staggering and suspicious. She makes some odd comments before going on her way. There is a lot of interest in this "backyard" foal. Meagan receives an intriguing invitation for her and a guardian to luncheon at a mansion nearby. The mysterious hostess is Mrs. Bridgestone, the strange old lady who had come to see Promise.

The reason for her interest becomes clear as she reveals that she believes Promise to be one of the legendary "Great Horses". These horses are those who were prominent in history, making their own marks along with humans and gods. Meagan believes Mrs. Bridgestone and wonders about the warning she gives her to not ride Promise.

She feels this could bring darkness according to a hundred year old letter and verse written by the beloved horseman Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce : A hundred years hence on this westmost shore, The Great Horse comes to men once more. Eclipsed by shadow, the golden spark Shall wing her rider into the dark.

Meagan's mother Jennifer doesn't believe the legend, even though almost every line seems to be referring to Promise. Jennifer won't let Meagan see Mrs. Bridgestone after the visit because she thinks the old lady is crazy. I won't go too much into detail as to what occurs next, but Promise and Meagan start on a journey where they visit other 'Great Horses' and make their own mark on the past of both humans and equines. The author is obviously a horseman himself. He writes about horses, their care and behaviour with the authority of one who has lived with them. His writing is very clear and very engaging.

I saw myself in Meagan as I was one of those kids who would spend 10 hours cleaning the barn before I'd spend 1 hour helping in the house. I'm still that way I'm afraid. She is an endearing and very likable guide on this horseback ride through time. History, fantasy, myth, adventure and proper equine care all shine brightly in this first book in the trilogy.

Royce weaves all of these elements together beautifully and young readers probably won't even notice that they are learning about history and horse care while on this great ride back through time. I learned quite a bit myself and I grew up on a horse ranch with horses always in my life. This was a "can't put down" book for me.

There is a very small bit of violence as there always is when war is involved but I HIGHLY recommend this book for anyone over about 10 or Especially horselovers or adventurers. Dam is what the mare is called when she gives birth or foals. This is definitely a book that adults and kids can both read and discuss. There is a thorough glossary in the back that would be an extremely useful tool for all.

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Eclipsed Promise: A Rusted Promises Story [David Silver] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. An injured king gives a sudden order to a. An injured king gives a sudden order to a noble woman, who happens to be a skunk, asking her to leave her home and take part in an adventure. She takes her .

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