Wichita Blues: Music in the African American Community

African Americans in Kansas and the West
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klusbedrijfbtb.nl/images/371/guby-conocer-gente-por.php BCBS is the second oldest blues society in the world, the oldest east of the Mississippi River and the oldest continuously active blues society.

The Golden Years

Wichita Blues: Music in the African American Community eBook: Patrick Joseph O'Connor, Dr. David Evans, Arthur Kenyon: zigijynurezy.tk: Kindle Store. [READ ONLINE] Wichita Blues: Music in the African American Community by Patrick Joseph. O'Connor, Dr. David Evans, Arthur Kenyon. Book file PDF easily for.

Our members live in mostly Missouri, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. We are a not-for-profit, tax-exempt organization, affiliated with the Blues Foundation.

Archival Sources

Links, News etc. North Carolina Charlotte Blues Society The Charlotte Blues Society CBS is dedicated to the promotion and preservation of the American Blues tradition through the presentation of concerts, forums, workshops, and educational programs in Charlotte and surrounding areas.

Ohio The Columbus Blues Alliance Oklahoma Oklahoma Blues Society The purpose of the Oklahoma Blues Society is to preserve, perpetuate and promote blues music in the state of Oklahoma through live blues performances, special events such as blues conventions, parties and jam sessions, open to the public. Enjoy your visit and check back often. Washington D.

Wichita Area Concerts Calendar

DC is a well-established and organised site. The Archie Edwards Blues Heritage Foundation site The Archie Edwards Blues Heritage Foundation, a non-profit organization, is tasked with keeping the blues tradition alive -- more specifically, East coast acoustic folk blues. The Society recognizes blues and jazz as being a true American heritage and seeks to educate and encourage, young and old to play and listen to blues and jazz.

Document Banner 28 September More An article about Posey Rorer 28 September More Amazon customer review of Broadcasting the Blues 28 September More Home Search Affiliates Services. Following the Civil War, a large number of African American families moved north to relocate to Wichita and its surrounding counties.

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Even though Kansas had been a free state, there were still some who viewed the growing population as unwelcome. In fact, the Calvary Baptist Church got its start because African Americans members of the congregation were not allowed to join the clergy at their new Kansas church.

Wichita, KS Event Planning

So in , the parishioners built a new church themselves. Still, the church remained a cornerstone of the community. But when it relocated in the s the building was acquired by Sedgwick County.

In it officially became the home of the Kansas African American Museum. By taking the time to step outside of my own experience, listen and look a little deeper, I developed a greater understanding of Wichita, its people and the African American men and women who helped make the city what it is today.

PBS - American Roots Music : Oral Histories - Willie Nelson

While it may not be the largest museum in Wichita, the Kansas African American Museum is well worth a stop. It was a powerful experience to connect with the history the Calvary Baptist Church holds and discover an important part of the fabric of this community. Visit the museum during its regular hours or check their website for an upcoming event.

You can also extend your exploration to the rest of the state. In , the museum became a part of the Kansas African American History Trail , which marks important landmarks across the state. Water Street in Wichita, Kansas.

The Online Reference Guide to African American History

While many museums and cultural centers focus on just one native tribe, the Mid-American All-Indian Center offers a place for the histories of all indigenous peoples to be preserved. The center offers permanent exhibitions in its museum as well as a variety of community events throughout the year.

The museum is also home to the largest public collection of work by local artist Blackbear Bosin, who designed the Keeper of the Plains and helped establish the center. The five-ton sculpture was first installed in Today it sits atop a foot pedestal overlooking the river and can be accessed via two footbridges. Visiting this sprawling outdoor museum is truly like stepping back in time.

This interactive museum allows you to get a feel for what Wichita would have been like in its early cowtown days. From homesteads to fully functioning shops along its historic main street, Old Cowtown brings history to life. Along with reenactors who work in the various shops and homesteads of Old Cowtown, the living museum is also home to a variety of animals.

While I sipped my sparkling soda, I reflected on all the unique bits of history I soaked up during my time in Old Cowtown. Stepping out of the saloon I wondered why so many people had gathered around.


In addition to its real-life blacksmiths and homesteaders, Old Cowtown is also home to a ruffian or two. After all, this is the early days of the Old West. You never know when you might end up in the middle of an old-fashioned shoot out. It may sound excessive. Trust me. Wear your walking shoes and get ready to be surprised.

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What the Pizza Hut Museum lacks in size it makes up for in personality.