Mexican Radio And Other Short Stories (Vol. I)

Mexican Radio and Other Short Stories, Volume I
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Guerra Leal, Mario. His grandfather was a WWI veteran and often told stories of how the Germans drove while he was over there. Ok, chiudi. Where is Caden James? For about a hundred and eighty pages, we are with the family, inside their Volvo wagon, or looking over their shoulders as they eat in diners and stay in motels and rented cabins. The History of the Picnic.

Mexican Radio and Other Short Stories by Jaysen True Blood is like coming out of a south-of-the-border cantina, brain-fried from Coronas and tequila shots, and finding a gift-wrapped box containing a poison-fanged rattler inside. Elbowing Tarantino, Rodriguez and Company out of the way, this author loads his shotgun full of visceral anecdotes and desert-scorched mirages, giving us diez y cuatro short stories guaranteed to set your blood on fire.

Actually this is more of an eclectic collection than either True Blood or I would care to admit. The Norteno blood themes give way to more than a couple of sci-fi gems, but you'll have to get out your pick and shovel and get down here alongside us. Those of us old enough to remember the underground comics of the Sixties will be able to relate to this far more readily.

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The author's surreal landscapes provide a backdrop for degenerate gamblers "Lay Your Money Down" , life-term losers "Eighteen And Life" and hopeless ne'er do wells "New Year's Resolutions". The cream of the crop is "Narratives of a Dry Vampire" as True Blood demonstrates his proclivity towards concise, ironic and witty prose. I suspect it's an inkling of future efforts to come.

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This young man is certain to be back with more, and we'll be waiting. Wow, what a diversity of short stories. This book had absolutely everything. It has mystery, western, science fiction and drama. In a lot of ways it was just like life, well except for the sci - fi. The stories were captivating and had me wanting to know what happened next. The writing style was excellent, it flowed, the language was first class and the author led you to different places at different times.

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I felt myself reconnecting with my inner child at times and then parenting that same inner child at other times. I probably will never read another book like this again, but frankly, I do not want to. This book was perfect and deserves to be the only book that ever had this impact on me. Exquisitely done. I was given an ARC for an honest review There was a wonderful mix of westerns, mysteries, syfy and psychological For a new author, Jaysen True Blood handles all the genres with quality writing.

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I'm not a big fan of syfy but his short story kept me interested. This is Volume I I totally like each and every short story in this volume. I admire the author dedication for writing an incredible book. These stories grab my attention from the very start of the book and couldn't put it aside till I finish it. Home Contact us Help Free delivery worldwide.

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Categories: Short Story Books. But when you are being hunted by the fastest draw in the west who also packs a buffalo gun, it's worse than hell. Psychological Suspense: "I Don't Like Mondays" When a prank goes horribly wrong, three friends find themselves where they don't want to be. Science Fiction: "Burning Sky" Ma flees to the colonies after Pa is killed for a mysterious reason by his employers.

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Mexican Radio And Other Short Stories: Westerns: "Going Down In A Blaze Of Glory: Being an outlaw in the old west is hell. But when you are being hunted by. Editorial Reviews. From the Author. The stories that made it into "Mexican Radio And Other Short Stories, Vol.I" span two decades. "Narratives", "No Method".

Or are they? Contemporary fiction: "Eighteen And Life" There is only one thing to do when you are falsely arrested and convicted for someone else's crime. As a child, he was surrounded by storytellers. His grandfather was a WWI veteran and often told stories of how the Germans drove while he was over there.

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Of course, his stories did not stop at his war experiences, but also included what he had sen and heard as a journeyman carpenter in Arkansas and Oklahoma, as well as stories his late wife had told him when she was still alive. Jay's dad also added to the colorful stories with events he had witnessed as a farmhand on his uncle's farm, as an electrician's assistant under another uncle, and even tales about what he had seen happen to fellow students due to carelessness.

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Jay's mother also added to the stories with her accounts of her adventures as a migrant worker, cowhand, and her brushes with famous musicians both on ranches and in the casinos where she worked before returning to the Midwest. Others in the family would also add some colorful stories to fill in the empty spaces in the family's history.