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The same, alas, cannot be said for Father Corapi. When Father Corapi announced on Ash Wednesday , no less that he had been suspended from public ministry, a number of readers asked me to write about the situation. I never did, because, to be honest, I could think of nothing worth saying. Allegations of sexual improprieties and drug use had been made by a former employee of Father Corapi, and they were being investigated by the competent Church authorities.

If the allegations were found credible, Father Corapi would remain suspended while a canonical trial occurred; if they were not, Father Corapi would be allowed to resume his public ministry. You can find full coverage of this story in The Case of Fr.

A Priest Forever: The Strange Case of Fr. John Corapi

John Corapi. To say anything beyond those basic facts would be to engage in speculation at best, or scandalmongering calumny , if the charges were false; detraction , if they were true at worst. Now that Father Corapi has publicly announced that he intends to leave the priesthood, however, there are a few things that need to be said. If the allegations against Father Corapi are true, in whole or in part, then it is best for all concerned—including the Church as a whole—that he be laicized. The behavior he is alleged to have engaged in is consistent with Father Corapi's own account of his life before his mother, with the perseverance of Saint Monica , prayed him back into the Church.

If he has relapsed into the self-destructive behavior that once left him penniless, homeless, drug-addicted, and near death, he will never be able to function as a priest again without causing scandal.

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If, on the other hand, the allegations against Father Corapi are completely untrue, then the action that he took on "both Trinity Sunday on the Catholic liturgical calendar and Fathers' Day on the secular calendar" is, in some ways, even worse than what he was alleged to have done. Drug abuse could destroy his health and affect the people around him; having presumably consensual sexual relations with several women would be a violation of his vows and affect his spiritual life and theirs.

But in leaving the priesthood and, in so doing, bringing the investigation into the allegations against him to a crashing halt , Father Corapi is breaking the most important promise he has ever made, the vows that he took at his ordination. What is a Declaration of Nullity annulment? Does an annulment have anything to do with civil law?

Does an annulment affect the legitimacy of children?

Who can apply for an annulment? How is an annulment process started? Will my former spouse be contacted? What documents are needed? How is a case submitted to the Tribunal?

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What happens next? Who can be witnesses? Is other information needed?

A Priest Forever

When is a decision reached? When does the decision become final? Does the Tribunal ever deny an annulment?

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When can I set a wedding date? How long does it take to complete the process of annulment?


But he has appeared once for all at the culmination of the ages to do away with sin by the sacrifice of himself. Without beginning of days or end of life vs 3 After declaring that Melchizedek was without a genealogy to be traced, he declares that Melchizedek is "without beginning of days or end of life" Heb. Go to the convent of Mother Teresa's sisters you will find there. Carroll's proposal is an example of the disease for which it purports to be the cure. Two those passages make up the complete sum of Old Testament references to Melchizedek. Beates, Then, seemingly out of nowhere, with so little from which to pull, the author 1 of the epistle to the Hebrews develops a significant parallel between Melchizedek and Christ, even going so far as to describe Melchizedek as a type of Christ.

How much does the annulment procedure cost? What if I have other questions?

Psalm 110: "You Are A Priest Forever In The Line Of Melchizedek"