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A Walk in the Park. Renmin Park Revisited. However, in these calculations, the "Mushel zhas" in the year cycle of animals has one big "But. Thus, years ago a nomad who said that he was born in the year of the Hare, knew for sure that he was born after March 22 Nauryz is the new year of the nomads.

Thus, after years in one Christian year, nomads get incomplete two years. Who was born in the year of the Snake, this table without any change shows all possible "Mushel zhas" with a period of 12 years. If a person was born in after March 22 , then in he will reach 1 "Mushel zhas" 13 years , in he will be at the dawn of forces 2 "Mushel zhas" — 25 years , in he will already 3 "Mushel zhas" 37 years old , in he will be 4 "Mushel zhas" 49 years old , in — 5 "Mushel zhas" 61 years , in he will reach 6 "Mushel zhas" 73 years. Nomads consider the 6 "Mushel zhas" or 73 years to be the most dangerous period of life.

For example, the Mongol nomads after the 72nd year of life jump immediately to the 74th year. If a nomad slips past the 73rd year of life without disease and without incident, it is believed that he managed to deceive a harsh fate. As we can see from Table 1, the "Mushel zhas" seems to be a ship floating in time. Unlike other nations, nomads do not seek the meaning of life from the past and the future. Thousand-year history has taught them to live only in the present time.

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Need an account? If a person was born in after March 22 , then in he will reach 1 "Mushel zhas" 13 years , in he will be at the dawn of forces 2 "Mushel zhas" — 25 years , in he will already 3 "Mushel zhas" 37 years old , in he will be 4 "Mushel zhas" 49 years old , in — 5 "Mushel zhas" 61 years , in he will reach 6 "Mushel zhas" 73 years. Giordanengo, S. Beghuin, P. Retrieved 12 November These products were created by scanning an original printed edition. At sunrise, the recording of spectra continues well above the atmosphere to provide the corresponding reference.

A new ruler or a khan will come — all old rules are canceled, a new rule begins and a new time begins. The whole world around them begins to change rapidly. And this chaos continues until one day everything starts again No matter how many people study these stories, it is still impossible to find a beginning or end in this life process.

Because there is no logical conclusion of what was started or completed. Figuratively speaking, the life process of the nomads can be compared with a huge tornado, which sow devastation and death everywhere, and then disappear as suddenly as it began. For this reason, the Western world for so long could not understand the train of thought, logic and mentality mysterious soul of the nomads.

As a result, for many centuries, especially at the suggestion of Tsarist Russia and Europeans, the whole world called nomads savages, ignoramuses and all other negative qualities. However, it should be noted that yet this eternal process of nomadic life has its own meaning and wisdom. From this endless chaos, nomadic intellectuals of "Akyn-Zhyrau" improvisers, singers and storytellers created numerous epics, legends, parables, etc. Chapter 2. Nomads could guess that the earth is round A friend of mine, a Western scientist, once asked me: "Nomads Kazakhs when they knew that the Earth was round?

Isn't it true, the question is interesting and intriguing.

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I cannot say in the affirmative, but hypothetically I admit the idea that nomads thousands of years ago suggested that the Earth was not flat, but round. Assumption 1. Daytime: When nomads walk slowly through endless steppes for several days or several months in a row, where there is neither a hill nor a mountain, they see that they are surrounded only by an ideal circle.

To make sure that this is a circle, and not a square, it was enough to look clockwise or counterclockwise at the horizon without taking your eyes off. Your eyes again and again return to the place where you began to follow in a circle.

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And what is interesting, it seemed to the nomad observer that this circle was constantly hanging in the air. They drove first forward, and then back thousands and thousands of kilometers, and this picture never changed. For this reason, they left a lot of mysterious circles in the form of a ring in the Kazakh steppes. These rings can be found in the form of a barrow Figure 1. Figure 1. Mysterious petroglyph drawings in Tamgaly Assumption 2. Nighttime: At full moon, a nomad looks into the night sky and sees that the moon is round like an inflated ball, as well as tiny, but also round planets Sholpan Venus , Kyzyl zhuldyz Mars , Esekkyrgan Jupiter , bright stars, such as Sumbile Sirius and others also hang in the "air".

It is very hard to believe that the advanced Esepshi at least once in his life did not admit the thought that the Earth, like these stars, is as round as a ball.

The only difference is that the Earth is round — horizontally, and the celestial bodies are round — vertically. But, alas, my hypothesis has no written confirmation. Therefore, modern science will never confirm that the nomads have guessed that the earth is round and that it moves in its orbit around the sun.

Chapter 3. Stars — shows the way and help create a calendar In the northeast of Italy is located one of the most beautiful cities in Europe — Venice.

Nadir and Occultation for Mars Discovery

According to a study by some historians, this city was founded by rural refugees who fled from successive waves of the German and Hun invasions. I am not going to glorify the Huns here again. Although all the same it is worth noting that the Huns were catalysts for new ideas for Europe. A reasonable question arises, how did the gun wars from Asia calmly reach Europe? After all, the distance between them is at least thousand kilometers. Some ancient European nations had the feeling that these centaur horsemen descend from the sky.

Cosmic Compositions Avant Garde Series Vol​​​.​​​3 [Sun Ra]

The answer is one, all the mystery lies in the stars, most likely it is Urker Pleiades. Figure 3. At first, scientists estimated his age at 18, years, and then "descended" to 3, years, and so on. The Nebra sky disk: lunar-stellar calendar and GPS navigator at the same time When I look at the photo "sky disk from Nebra", I see the structure and principles of the moon- stellar calendar "Togys esebi" of nomads of Central Asia.

To be unsubstantiated, let's understand together. What does 39 or 40 holes mean around a bronze disk? Assumption 2.

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What does the Ai Moon and Urker Pleiades figures inside the bronze disk mean? In these drawings of the night sky, I see the usual pattern of coverage occultation of the Pleiades by the Moon in different phases. If we consider that during one stellar year, the Moon covers the Pleiades in 13 or 14 different phases, one can easily guess that the various phases of the moon new moon and full moon are drawn in the bronze disk. Assumption 3. What is the difference between the golden semi-curved bands on the right and left absent , as well as in the lower part of the disk from the phases of the Moon?

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Orbital - Volume 3 - Nomads 03, The Story of the World History for the Classical Child Volume 1 Ancient Times From the Earliest Nomads to the Last Roman. Orbital - Volume 3 - Nomads 03 and other options as The Story of the World History for the Classical Child Volume 1 Ancient Times From the Earliest Nomads to.

When the entire covering occultation of the Pleiades by the Moon occurs opposite the fixed north pole Ursa Major and Ursa Minor consisting of 14 stars , the alternation of months togys aiy equal to 27 and 28 days will always be correct. This important event always occurs after the vernal equinox. After this, Urker Pleiades disappears from the night sky for days. At this time, the powerful Sunlight obscures the weak light of Urker, as well as other bright stars of the constellation Taurus.

At the moment, this golden plate has fallen off from the bronze disk, but its blackened place from corrosion and time is clearly visible. It is on this side of the horizon, after 40 days, on the eve of the summer solstice, Urker appears.


On the eve or after the Urker heliacal rise, [19] a covering occultation of the Pleiades by the Moon occurs in 27 or 25 phases. Then within 11 months 23, 21, 19, 17, 15, 13, 11, 9, 7, 5 and 3 togys ailary there is a regular covering occultation of the Pleiades by the Moon, etc. Assumption 4.