THE HIDDEN JOB MARKET - Secrets of an international headhunter

6 Things to Know Before Beginning Your Executive Job Search
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61 tips to find hidden and unpublicized jobs

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🎣 61 Hidden Job Market Secrets Without Using Social Media

Leave this field blank. About the Author. Brad Waters Career Services. View Author Profile. More Posts. How to Change the World Creating a global ripple of impact from everyday acts of goodness. Redefining Networking, or Networking for Introverts New ways of networking that are inclusive of all personality types. Continue Reading. Most Popular in Canada. Need another set of eyes to look at your resume? Ask the members of your group for help.

The Hidden Job Market | Job Market Secrets

Of course, demonstrate your intelligence, professionalism, ethics, experience, etc. It probably goes without saying, but don't be a "user. Bring copies of your current resume and a list of employers you want to reach. Ask other attendees if anyone knows the organizations and can help you identify and reach the appropriate hiring managers. Have agendas, action items, and a focus on positive action to find a job. It is a how-to guide for creating your own "success team" -- a small group of people who mentor encourage, assist, and - yes - nag each other to reach their individual goals -- excellent for job searching or help reaching any other goal you have.

Your success team is your own personal board of directors. To find an existing club in the U. Read Beating the Job Search Blues. There must be hundreds of thousands of FREE discussion groups, each based on a topic. Find a topic that interests you, and join the list or the group. They can be an excellent source of information and also misinformation , so be cautious about believing everything you read.

Join the "Discussions. Scan the "Jobs. As usual, be very careful of your privacy when you join any of these groups. Use a throw-away e-mail address for participation e. You'll have the greatest success with most groups, online and offline, by being a resource to others. If you pursue others for assistance but don't provide assistance or provide poor assistance in return, you don't present yourself as an ideal co-worker.

Don't be afraid to ask for help, but be careful if that's all you do.

Thinking outside the box to find your next job

THE HIDDEN JOB MARKET - Secrets of an international headhunter - Kindle edition by Christian Schoyen. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device . THE HIDDEN JOB MARKET - Secrets of an international headhunter eBook: Christian Schoyen: Kindle Store.

Whatever you do, don't send a "nastygram" to someone on the list! People have lost job opportunities because they have demonstrated an apparently nasty temper in an open discussion. If you wouldn't be comfortable having your mother, grandmother, or new boss read your message on the front page of the New York Times or The Wall Street Journal , don't hit the "send" button!

These messages are very public! Be VERY careful to leave a good impression, even in a so-called "private" group. These are great sources of information! They may need more people, even if they haven't announced or advertised their expanding needs. Pay attention to articles about companies which are growing rapidly, particularly those which have recently received large amounts investment funding.

They may be start-ups new or nearly new or they may be existing companies with good prospects. Check LinkedIn to see if you know anyone working there when one of these companies pops up in the local news. Every year Fortune magazine does a list of the largest employers in the U.

Most business publications research and collect information on businesses in their area which are frequently published in "lists" e. These are collected in an annual book of lists which is very handy. For additional networking tips and ideas, see Job-Hunt's Guide to Job Search Networking for more articles and resources about job search networking.

You've learned ways to reach out to potential employers PUSH , above. Now, learn PULL - making yourself visible in the right areas and the right ways so that employers reach out to you. Online job search expert Susan P.

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Find Jobs in all states Jobs across the state - not available elsewhere on the Web. This is an important fact to keep in mind. What kinds of "professional services" does a good "headhunter" offer you as a candidate? Informed coaching to significantly improve your performance—and chances! By the way, nearly one-half of the jobs available today fall into this "hidden" or "unadvertised" market category! Let me give you some examples from our recruiting firm of what I'm talking about here:.

Getting on a Good 'Headhunter's' 'Radar'. Once job seekers fully understand and appreciate how tremendously beneficial a relationship with a good "headhunter" can be, they usually have just one question: How can I get one interested in assisting me during my job search?! That is, you must convince the "headhunter" that it can benefit him or her and you, of course! A "headhunter" normally will make the determination of whether or not you are selectable during the initial telephone call to you. Bear in mind that the "headhunter" has already determined, at least for the time being, that you meet all or most of the other qualifying criteria or you wouldn't be receiving a phone call in the first place.

Because the "headhunter's" call can literally have the power, potentially, to change your professional life for the better, you must make sure that you are at the very top of your game during the call—IF and WHEN that call comes. Handle yourself well and you significantly improve your chances of being invited into the "headhunter's" "inner circle"; "blow it" and you may lose out on career opportunities of a lifetime!

Here are some key considerations to keep in mind if a "headhunter" does in fact call YOU:.

Secrets of Tapping into the hidden job market

So be on "high alert. For good! If "more money" is your number one motivator for seeking a new career opportunity, it's very unlikely that a good "headhunter" will work with you. Clearly, any new opportunity must be competitive in terms of compensation, but experience proves that candidates who have money as their number one motivator for considering a career opportunity are far more likely to accept counteroffers from their current employer and end up not taking an offer from the hiring company, if it is made.

An Apple alum is helping people land secret gigs on the 'hidden job market'

If I, for one, or a company I represent even suspect that there is a possibility that a potential candidate will do that, I simply won't work with them, and most other "headhunters" feel the same way. Be able to properly and clearly articulate why you would be open to considering an opportunity if it were clearly stronger than what you are doing today. Is it due to a desire for career growth?

A desire to change geographic locales? The opportunity to move to a larger, more stable firm or smaller, more entrepreneurial firm? Do you feel the need to establish a better, more desirable work-life balance? As the "headhunter" reveals the career opportunity to you, think on your feet and start "translating your skills. Example: My recruiting firm is currently recruiting for a position for a chemical company that provides solutions to hospitals for reducing HAI healthcare acquired infections. We were speaking with a potential candidate who currently is a medical device representative selling intravenous IV equipment and solutions.

He immediately began to share with us how vitally important it is for healthcare providers to buy and use the correct IV supplies in order to prevent HAI.